Welcome to Our Nursery

The main ethos at Next Generation Day Nursery is that each child feels valued safe and secure but above all happy whilst exploring, discovering and learning. Positive reinforcement is fundamental in order to extend and scaffold each child’s individual learning journey. We also ensure that we offer a warm welcome to everyone that enters our nursery.

At Next Generation Day Nursery we try to ensure that we go out into the community weekly to visit the library, market, post office, parks, farms and other places relevant to our current topic. These visits encourage the children to walk and take note of their own environment but also how to be safe near roads and other obstacles that may occur. The children and staff wear high visibility vests for all of our outings making us easy to recognise and see. We receive lots of nice waves and hellos during these outings and visits.

By going out into the community on small trips to the dentist, doctor and optician this gives the children the opportunity to experience sitting in the dentist or opticians chair and talking about the tests and checks they may have done. This prepares the children for subsequent visits they may have to take with their parents/carers.